4 out of 5 Stars: "Cubetactic by name, Cubetastic by nature!"

- Touchgen.net


  • more than 150 levels with various challenges
  • achievements to compete with your friends
  • lots of different special items
  • quick game mode
  • shiny graphics
  • intuitive controls and gameplay
  • create profiles for up to 5 different players
  • control game sound and music individually
  • easier and extended tutorial levels
  • Social Tipps & Tricks for each level *new*
  • News System and Update Notifications *new*


We are doPanic, a small development company from Regensburg (Ratisbon), Germany. This is our first iPad game and we are still excited about working on it. If you are interested in what else we do, check out our company website (german version only – for now).


Looking for a Challenge? Cubetastic is probably the hardest and most challenging puzzle game you will ever play. The game brings you in a world of cubes made up of different cells and colors. On top of each cube sits a light which you are asked to guide to the goal. Find a path to the goal by turning and recombining the cells of the cube.

We dare you to try to master this original puzzle game: 150+ challenging levels await you. You need to think three-dimensionally and be smart at it. You need to stay focused even during the hardest levels. There are different cube sizes, different colors and a whole bunch of special items. We also included a few easy levels to get you started – and the game allows you to skip and save the harder levels for later (should you get stuck).

Cubetastic comes with addictive gameplay, two game modes, a stupendous amount of levels, easy-as-pie tutorials for beginners and achievements for you to do yourself one better or challenge your friends.

Itβ€˜s Cubetastic - tell your friends. Seriously, tell 'em now!